4 Simple Ways To Transition Your Wardrobe To Fall

Sadi & Sari Perfect Snake Dress

With August coming to a close (yes, we know… sigh), the one thing on our minds is how do we start to transition to a Fall look without changing it all up?

In August the evenings get cooler, but the days stay warmer, and this trend usually kicks itself well into early September. As such, we figured it was high time to share some ways that you can still stay cool when the temps are hot, but add some things to your outfit that will help you transition with the upcoming season. And, we’re guessing you may even have some of these pieces at the ready in your closet!

The first item we love to help us transition to Fall is a super cute bag, Fall inspired bag. You can add a little pop of autumn to any outfit simply by changing it up! You can amp up the Fall vibes by choosing a darker hued (vegan) leather purse, maybe even in your favourite animal print. Check out our Convertible Croc Bag that comes in two darker toned colours and can be worn as a purse, waist bag, or clutch.

 Convertible Croc Bag

Our second favourite item you can use to transition your look to fall is the ever Classic Denim Jacket. This jacket is never out of style, and can be worn around your waist while it’s hot and transition to your coat as the temps go down in the evening. Roll the sleeves up, put a super cute pin on it, and wear it over just about anything in your wardrobe! 

Classic Denim Jacket - Kan Can brand

Our third item to transition with ease to Fall is the gaucho pant. A great gaucho pant with a wider leg and cute knit material will carry you throughout summer right into Fall. Cool enough to catch that summer breeze, but a dark enough colour to match the changing leaves. Add a cute shoe, bootie or even knee high boots when it starts to get cold. We love our Knitted Gaucho Pant as a seamless option. 

Knitted Gaucho Pant

And lastly, our forth item is one that can transition a look so easily from season to season; the cardigan! Even if you’re wearing shorts and a tank, tossing a cardigan over your outfit is a great way to add a little warmth and transition to the Fall season. Plus, for an added bonus, toss a belt over top of your card for added flair. Check out our Swing With Me Cardigan and Snake Belt for some great options.

 Swing With Me Cardigan

Snake Belt

So there you have it, these are 4 simple ways that you can start transitioning your way to Fall with style. Enjoy!

Xo Sarah

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