A message from Sarah, the owner of Sadi & Sari.

Sarah, the owner of Sadi & Sari

Hi babe, it’s me, Sarah, the owner of Sadi & Sari.

It’s definitely been a minute since I’ve introduced myself and connected with you here on the blog, so I felt it was high time to do so. I’m so happy you’re here and apart of this amazing community!

I thought I’d start this blog out by sharing a little about me and why I started Sadi & Sari…

You see, I’m a real inner California girl at heart. I love just about everything beach vibes, surfer girls, boho, 70s vibes, my converse high tops, and of course - all things west coast. In fact, California was one of my all time favourite places to visit; I’ve been forever inspired by the fashion there. So much so, that when I couldn’t find the California styles for my own wardrobe, I started importing my clothing purchases from shops there! Low and behold, out of this situation comes the idea to launch my own clothing company that will offer exactly that - California clothing to Canada. And I called it Sadi & Sari.

Now you see, I’m no stranger to the fashion world, so I know that bringing in amazing fashions in bright prints, patterns, designs and all the like is EXACTLY what we need here. I feel so inspired by the ocean, the sea, the surf, and the look of the true California girl whose effortless fashion sense always looks on point. Truth be told, I’m a Canadian girl with California dreams and this brand was built to bring those fun, salty vibes to you too!

Each season, I spend a lot of time researching fashion trends. Some examples of this are looking up Pantones to understand the latest in colours coming out, watching all the high fashion runways for macro trends, and all the like.

I have a passion for bringing you what’s new and fresh each and every single season! I personally hand select each piece we have here in stock. 99% of our vendors are located in California (with only 1 vendor here local to Canada for some of our accessories), keeping the trends true to the location. And, as customers provide feedback and we learn from our best sellers, we keep bringing you more and more of what you love the most. And of course, we stay true to making sure we are providing you with high quality pieces that are comfortable so you can look good, move in our clothing with ease, and keep things easy on your wallet.

So, if you’re someone who wants to exercise your own inner California girl, get ready to shop our collections and wear our super cute west coast inspired clothing. You’ll feel super cozy, look trendy, all while feeling that laid back vibe.

And, if you’re interested in providing some insight on what you love, what you’d like to see more or, or anything in between, know that you can reach out to me directly by emailing contact@sadiandsari.ca . And, if you're not already subscribed to our mailing list, make sure you get on there because we'll be sending out blogs regularly (starting today), so you can expect a few updates each month on what's new.

Xo Sarah

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