Hello fashion lovers, it’s Sarah here, the owner of Sadi & Sari.

Today I’m sharing some big news. I have decided to close Sadi & Sari, effective January 31. Since launching in 2019 when I started this business, it’s been an absolute joy. I have met so many amazing people, partners, and love serving each and every single one of you with the best fashion around.

You might be wondering... why did I decide to close Sadi & Sari? Well, it's simple - my journey is evolving in an amazing way! When the pandemic hit in 2020 I I hired a coach and I started dreaming up ways to make Sadi & Sari even more awesome. However, I quickly realized my 20 years of experience in business, and skills building and growing Shopify stores was needed. I started a second business @sarahjansel which later evolved to @janselandco  (

To think my entrepreneur journey would start with a passion for fashion and later evolve to something different evolve wasn’t even a thought, initially. However, like most good news stories, here we are today! Rated one of Yahoo’s top coaches to help businesses soar in 2021 earlier last year, and now growing my business more into 2022. The work I’m doing to support a community build their own online empires is a dream come true. So much so, it led me to make focus on one business - not two.

I would love it more than anything else for us to continue to hang out on Instagram. So, if you’re up for it, you can watch the rest of this journey unfold at @sarahjansel and @janselandco. Who knows, maybe we’ll be working together very soon!

PS.We will be having a big sale that will be announced tomorrow - it will be your last chance to score something cool at a great price.

XO Sarah

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