Essentials for the California girl

Model wearing Sadi & Sari's Gypsy Soul Pants and Palm Beach Bag at the beach

We are all about the California girl style, even if it’s rocked here in Canada. It’s because of this that we wanted to share our thoughts on the essentials every California girl needs to pull off her look.

We all know there’s something so unbelievably cool about the California girl style. We’ve studied the California girl styles quite a bit, and we know there are a few things that really make up that vibe.

First, the California girl always looks effortless and yet totally put together. There’s something so boho about the easy to wear pieces, fun styling with prints and patterns that you wouldn’t to put together, and that sexiness that comes from looking good but not showing too much skin.

In fact, there are a few items that we believe every California girl needs in order to achieve that super cool, west coast look. We believe every California girl needs these items in order to achieve a cool look:

Easy, floaty dresses.
In order to beat the heat and still look cool, the California girl always has a floaty dress. Regardless of the season, this fashionista can be seen rocking solids, fun tropical prints, and/or our favourite: embroidery.

A laid back cool, kimono.
You can pull any look together simply by layering on a pretty kimono. Whether she chooses a fun paisley print with tassels, the tie dye trend, or a tropical leaf look of some sort; the California girl can always add that layer of cool in a kimono.

Hi-tops and booties.
It’s not too hard to burn your soles in that hot, Californian sun, and so the Cali-girl is always rocking something cool on her feet. Our favourites are the ever classic Converse hi-tops or a great, suede bootie.

Distressed denim.
Whether she’s wearing jeans, shorts or even a denim top - the look is usually with added distressing. This look can be dressed up, or dressed down and definitely provides some much needed ventilation in the California heat.

A graphic tee.
White the simple white tee always has a place in our hearts, the California girl usually likes to mix it up. You can find her rocking a fun statement, a retro vibe, or even a concert tee to keep her look fresh.

Eclectic, boho jewelry.
Where would the California girl be without her gems and jewels, am I right? You won’t see her rocking the day from beach to sundown unless she’s layered on something shiny and beautiful; usually in the silver and turquoise range.
And lastly…

A great, white, mani.
The California girl knows how to polish things up, and usually it’s with a bright, fun mani. Why not accentuate that gorgeous jewelry she’s rocking,-and we couldn’t think of a better way than with a brightly coloured shade.

With all these essentials in hand... you can rock your wardrobe like a California girl too. 

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