What's NEW at Sadi & Sari

Hey Fashionistas! It's Sarah, the owner of Sadi & Sari.  

I am SO excited for some new things happening at the boutique - I just needed to blog about it!

First, it's our 1 Year Anniversary this June for the launch of the boutique online - YAY! I feel SO much gratitude for all our customers, partners and the community of folks who have supported us along the way. Thank you!

We are also excited to be launching a beautiful new summer collection - so many gorgeous styles that I have curated from places like California, India and more! I can't wait for you to see what's in store. From stunning beaded purses and clutches, jute bags with tassels and shells, the BEST travel tote, to classic tropic patterns, prints colours on our dresses, tops, and kimonos. Yours to explore!

And lastly, I am beyond excited to announce just one of the boutique expansions I'm working on - coaching services! That's right babes, if you're someone who has a business or store that you're looking to bring online - OR - you're someone who already has an online store but wants to optimize it, I can help YOU! With over a decade of supporting leaders in various businesses, a masters degree and consulting diploma, as well as almost two years of research in the online store space - I am excited to help you with so many awesome strategies that will grow your business! There are limited spots available, but I have a custom coaching programs available now to support you! If you'd like to hear more - send me a message at contact@sadiandsari.ca.

Okay babes - don't forget to pop onto our Latest Arrivals Collection to check out our new arrivals, and keep watching. We'll continue to post more and more of our beautiful summer collection online over the next month.

With love, Sarah xo

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