What's trending for Fall 2021

Fall 2021 runway trends

I don’t know about you, but I always feel a sense of “newness” when the seasons change from Summer to Fall. Maybe it’s reminiscent of being a child getting ready for school, with new supplies and clothes, and meeting new friends.. but whatever it is, that feeling of something new has definitely stuck with me throughout the years.

Fall is definitely my season; I love everything about it! The weather changes, the leaves start turning colours, families start gathering, and the fashion! Well, as you know, the fashion is definitely my jam! Who doesn’t love putting a great Fall boot, a beautiful blanket scarf, cute jeans, and a sweater… I know I do. And so, with the changing of seasons, I bring to you what's ahead and trending in fashion for Fall.

aztec jacket

This season is going to be FUN. As someone who loves the effortless California girl, all things boho, 70s, and 90s fashion - this seasons literally has every single one of these themes carrying it through. After scouring all the runways to see what’s coming up, reading a ton of great fashion blogs, and tuning into some famous fashion-forward YouTuber reports, I felt ready to share my views with you. This blog will cover what’s coming up for Fall 2021-22 fashion and what you can expect Sadi & Sari to bring in! Let’s dig in…

bold sleeved blouse

This Fall we are seeing a blend of two decades: the 70s and 90s are back baby (plus maybe a little hint of Y2K sprinkled in)! Being a lover of all the 70s fashions for years (reminiscent of my my mom sharing her old fashion forward photos from this time), this season you’re going to see catsuits (relabeled from the jumpsuit or romper), plaid, denim everything, vests, quilted jackets, the colour pink, and even a little aztec print. You'll also see hints of the disco era coming through in gorgeous metallics, which I predict will be super hot during the holiday season.


From the 90s era, we're seeing fashion inspired with those of the alternative band and street vibes. Distressed denim and plaid are playing a role, layering pieces over each other, leather jackets, and textures such as suede and knits fashion forward. Knits will be seen in a number of ways from slouchy to showcasing longer sleeves - and you'll continue to see the ever popular animal prints (think leopard). In fact, bigger, bolder sleeves aren't going away just yet! And don’t forget your beanies… even Kurt Cobain would be jealous!

sweater cardigan

So with all these Fall trends, we're seeing fashion be a lot more fun than your typical track suit or lounge outfit this season. We’ve been cooped up at home too long, and are craving something a little different. And while all of these fashion trends aren’t necessarily new age, they’re a fresh spin on some of the older classics, and still carrying a layer of comfort in fashion that we’ve gotten used to since early in 2020.

plaid dress

So what does this mean for you? This season for Sadi & Sari will be bringing you ALL of the aforementioned fashion trends! You’re gong to see splashes of the 70s, 90s, and all the glorious trends listed in this blog. You’ll feel our targeted inner California girl shining through with the alternative street vibes - so much so, you might think you’re walking through the streets of Los Angeles. And you’ll definitely see some amazing jackets and a new take on classic pieces. All of which will be very wearable, easy to layer, and totally on trend. Essentially, you’ll find something for everybody with us here this season.

So stay tuned babes, there’s lots more to come! We’ll be releasing some of our new arrivals for Fall over the coming weeks. So, stay tuned, and as always, get ready to look amazingly on trend with our hand selected collections coming straight from the sunshine state itself.

Xo Sarah

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