About Sadi & Sari

Hello and welcome, gorgeous! 

Sadi & Sari was created by, Sarah Jansel, whose true life's passion has been centred around great fashion and worldly travels. Sarah's lived in cities across Canada and travelled to some exotic places including India, Costa Rica, Europe, California, and all over the Caribbean; all of which inspired her sense of style.

"There's something so beautiful about bringing home a piece that inspired you during your travels to wear at home" - Sarah Jansel.

It was through this inspiration, Sarah decide to open Sadi & Sari in 2018, while on vacation with her husband. It was in that moment on the beach that Sarah decided every woman should feel inspired by her clothing, so she. began sourcing beautiful, boho chic, vacation inspired clothing and accessories. Many of which are all sourced from sunny California.

To date, Sarah continues to source her customers unique pieces and gorgeous designs, that feature high quality fabrics, fun prints, and patterns. And at the centre of that is Sarah's vision to make all of the women who wear them, shine. 

Sarah Jansel, owner of Sadi & Sari